Marillous Lewis was born in 1835 in Alabama to Henry Washington Lewis and Nancy Hale. She married Wyatt Ballard and they had four children: Nancy, John, Mary, and George. Her husband, Wyatt, died and she married Israel DeSpain on December 12, 1861, in Burnett County, Texas. She and Israel had five children: Mark, Luke, Florence, Minerva, and Paul. In her later years, she lived with her son, George, in Oklahoma.


Henry Washington Lewis was born in the late 1700s in North Carolina. He married Nancy Hale in 1823 in Meckleburg, North Carolina, and they had 8 children: Alexander, Thomas, Samuel, James Marillous, Robert, Virginia, and Mary Jane. Henry died in 1869 in Burnet County, Texas.

Henry’s daughters, Marillous and Mary Jane, married brothers. Marillous married Israel DeSpain, and Mary Jane married James R. DeSpain.