Christian Golnik

Christian Golnik was christened in the Catholic Church in Mrotschen, Posen, Germany [now Mrocza, Poland], on October 12, 1749. He was the son of Johann Golnik and Christina Eys.

Christian married Catherine Raetz and they had four children: Eva Rosina, Martin, Johann, and Anna Elisabeth (who was born eight months after her father died). Christian died on February 21, 1792, at age 42.

A year and a half after Christian died, his widow, Catherine, married Christoph Klawitter on October 6, 1793, in Mrotschen. Christoph was about 10 years younger than Catherine. Christoph and Catherine had three children: Christian, Catherine, and Johann.

Catherine lived to be 64 years old, passing away on October 8, 1829, in Mrotschen. Christoph Klawitter died a couple of years later, on January 14, 1831, in Mrotschen.

Children of Christian Golnik and Catherine Raetz

1. Eva Rosina Golnick – b. about 1784 in Mrotschen. She married Erdmann Bethke on September 12, 1812. They had five children: Anna Elizabeth, Johann Gottfried, Susanna, Dorothea, and August William. Eva Rosina died on October 3, 1832 in Mrotschen.

2. Martin Gollnik – b. October 23, 1787. See his story elsewhere on this website.

3. Johann Golnik – b. March 12, 1790 and died two months later on May 6, 1790.

4. Anna Elisabeth Golnik – b. October 21, 1792 in Mrotschen. She married Paul Schulke on December 6, 1818. They had at least six children: Anna Maria, Eva, Caroline Wilhelmine, Johann Gottlieb, Justina, and Christian Wilhelm.

Children of Christoph Klawitter and Catherine Raetz

1. Christian Klawitter – b. March 29, 1795. He married Anna Luise Schulke on January 9, 1820 in Mrotschen. They had Eva Rosina, Johann Wilhelm Carl, Johann Gottlib August, and Wilhelmine.

2. Catherine Klawitter – b. March 28, 1797. She married Christian Huebner on December 12, 1819 in Mrotschen. They had Johann August, Wilhelm August, Anna Charlotte, and Eva Rosina.

3. Johann Klawitter – b. September 5, 1800.