Wilhelm Friedrich Fritz was born January 9, 1846, in Germany to Wilhelm Fritz and Ernestine G. Menke. In 1860, the Fritz family moved to Russia where they resided for about thirteen years. Wilhelm married Wilhelmina Maria (Minnie) Schenke probably in Russia. Minnie was 10 years older than Friedrich and had a baby daughter, Emilie Maria Wagner.

In 1874 they left Russia and headed to America. They departed Liverpool, England, and sailed to Londonderry, Ireland. From there the ship sailed to Quebec, Canada, and arrived on May 26, 1874. They settled first in Quebec, Canada, then went to Wisconsin, locating near Princeton, and later moved to Grand Rapids.

William Fritz died July 10, 1906, in Grand Rapids, Wood, Wisconsin. Minnie Fritz died on her seventy-fifth birthday on January 23, 1911, in Grand Rapids, Wood, Wisconsin. They are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.

Wilhelm Friedrich Fritz