Johann Golnik

Johann Golnik and Christina Eys married on November 3, 1748, in the Catholic Church in Mrotschen, Posen, Germany [now Mrocza, Poland].

The translation of the marriage record from Latin to English: November 3, 1748, a contract of marriage between Johann Golnik, widower, Catholic of Kossowo, with Christina Eys, unmarried, Lutheran, whom I, the priest named above (after three banns were posted on the face of the church), blessed and confirmed. The witnesses were Christian Michalina of Krukowetz, Catholic, Martin Bonay of Kossowo, Laurence Debyn of Krukowetz, Lutheran.

From this record, we know that Johann was married previously. We found a daughter, Anna, who died on May 30, 1748, in Mrotschen. We have not found the first wife or other information about any other children prior to 1748.

We know of two children Johann and his second wife, Christina, had: Christian Golnik christened on October 12, 1749, and Anna Maria Golnik, christened on April 3, 1752.